Saturday, 21 January 2012

Restarting art, and TAD

Ok so after a long , long, time of procrastination, and not doing any art, and my grandparents being ill. I am restarting TAD again on February 6th.

I havnt done any art in like basically 6-7 months, and even before that I was really slacking.  This year it changes.  I have my goals, and not just goals, but goals with a clear reason why they need to be done.  I am mind mapping everything this year.  I plan to post everything and anything I can.  It will be total shite at first.  I am working out a few learning techniques I can use to better my actual learning experience at TAD this year.  I really want to show from now till December when term 2 finishes the progress I have made.  I plan to work harder and smarter this year.  I have signed up for full time at TAD so this is it.  Operation become pro or become a shelf stacker starts from now.  My parents have basically given me 12-16 months to try learn as much as I can and see how I can create a portfolio from it.  I know alot of you may think its impossible, and art takes year, and I agree.  But I think with the plan I have setup for myself, along with a few new learning techniques I have been reading about to actually increase learning time, and learning experience I think I can manage improving my abilities greatly this year.

Monday, 25 July 2011

CG mastarclasses Dynamic sketching1

So 1 week ago i started an 8 week class at CG masterclasses called; Dynamic sketching 1, it is taught by Peter Han.  We started with basic hand eye, and muscle memory techniques.  These were some of the exercises.  They were not anythincomplex or anything, just basic exercises.

Art Journey starts

Hi so this will my blog about my Journey through TAD

I am starting full time in August, and I am hoping to learn alot.  I did 2 classes part time in February at TAD, and they were great, but I did not put the amount of work I should have so this is a brand new start, and I am hoping to have atleats a semi decent portfolio done by nextDecember, so that is basiclly 15 months.