Saturday, 21 January 2012

Restarting art, and TAD

Ok so after a long , long, time of procrastination, and not doing any art, and my grandparents being ill. I am restarting TAD again on February 6th.

I havnt done any art in like basically 6-7 months, and even before that I was really slacking.  This year it changes.  I have my goals, and not just goals, but goals with a clear reason why they need to be done.  I am mind mapping everything this year.  I plan to post everything and anything I can.  It will be total shite at first.  I am working out a few learning techniques I can use to better my actual learning experience at TAD this year.  I really want to show from now till December when term 2 finishes the progress I have made.  I plan to work harder and smarter this year.  I have signed up for full time at TAD so this is it.  Operation become pro or become a shelf stacker starts from now.  My parents have basically given me 12-16 months to try learn as much as I can and see how I can create a portfolio from it.  I know alot of you may think its impossible, and art takes year, and I agree.  But I think with the plan I have setup for myself, along with a few new learning techniques I have been reading about to actually increase learning time, and learning experience I think I can manage improving my abilities greatly this year.

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